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We hope you enjoy your new experience.

We may have missed something – if you’re having issues finding a product or see something just plain whacky, please contact us today and let us know – we want to make it right, and give you a great web experience!

Our new website has a mass of new features, and a few of these are outlined below.

Search function– Now you can easily search for the item you’re looking for by Item#, Description or Brand.

Categories– Easily navigate through pages of confusion-free category pages. Further refine your browsing by clicking the “Filter” button at the top of the category page, and filter the content by Brand.

Category Listing View

HINT: Switch the view from a “grid view” to a “list view” by clicking one of the two upper – right symbols.

Product Page– A new format allows you to see critical information pertaining to case packs, UPC’s, UCC’s and more. If the product you’re viewing has multiple color variations, click on the swatch for the color of interest, and the information will automatically change on the page.

Add to quote– This function allows you to contact us with a specific product inquiry. Think of it as a checkout process through an online retailer, though you’re just getting a free quote instead! Fill out the form and we’ll get right back to you with the right information.

Ask questions– Need additional information on a product which isn’t posted in the item summary or description? Click the Ask a Question button on a product page and we’ll answer it on the product page.

Product Photos– Product photos will swap (if available) when selecting a swatch color (if applicable) automatically, or take advantage of the photo gallery below for larger images! We now offer both packaged and unpackaged images of most of our products.

Related Items– On the right you’ll find additional items of interest that relate to the product being viewed. Click on them for more information.

Blog– We now have a built-in blog engine, which keeps you even closer to the latest news Maryland Plastics has to offer!

Molding– Our latest molding machines have been added to our injection molding machine lineup.

Employment opportunities– If we have any openings, we’ll post information about openings on our About page.

Online Retailers– We support a number of online retailers who provide Maryland Plastics products for online purchase. These retailers are also listed on our About page.

Thanks for your interest and welcome to our new site!


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