Maryland Plastics, Youre partners in plastics.

Want 5 Reasons Why We Ask You To Join Us In Recycling Plastics And “Thinking Green”?

1. “Recycling can be an energy saver.”
Recycling saves energy because American manufacturing companies (Like Maryland Plastics, inc.) can make new products while stressing additional natural resources to a lesser degree.

2. “Recycling reduces landfills.”
Going “Green” will lower the need for more and more landfills.

3. “Recycling preserves natural resources and protects all our wildlife.”
By recycling, we lower the need to destroy habitats for animals. Plastic recycling is a great start.

4. “Recycling is great for the economy.”
Recycling and purchasing recycled products creates a greater consumer demand for more “Green” merchandise.

5. “Recycling” produces a considerably less carbon footprint for your children and grandchildren to enjoy what we now have.


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