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Up Your Game With Kingsmen Chafing Racks

Football season is in full swing and that means your customers will be hosting huge tailgating parties! Serving a large crowd of hungry fans can get tricky, but with Kingsmen chafing racks, food is easily accessible and stays warm for hours.  Our chafing racks are practical, durable and reusable wire stands that fit standard size serving pans. We offer a variety of sizes, finishes and even complete chafing rack kits, read more about each style below!

Kingsmen 8-Pc Chafing Rack Kit

  • 1 chrome-plated wire chafing rack
  • 1 aluminum water pan
  • 2 aluminum food half pans
  • 2 chafing fuel cans
  • 1 plastic serving spoon
  • 1 plastic serving fork

Kingsmen 24-Pc Chafing Rack Kit

  • 3 chrome-plated wire chafing racks
  • 3 aluminum water pan
  • 6 aluminum food half pans
  • 6 chafing fuel cans
  • 3 plastic serving spoon
  • 3 plastic serving fork

To learn more about the Kingsmen line of chafing racks download our chafing dish kit sheet and chafing rack sheet. To place an order or request a free & easy quote – contact us today!


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