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MPI DIY: Monster Martini

This ghoulishly green cocktail is easy to make with only a few ingredients and will be a spooktacular addition to any Halloween party.

This recipe is compliments of Midori Melon Liquor.
You will need:
— 3/4 oz. Midori
— 2 oz. SKYY Citrus
— Splash of white cranberry juice

Simply shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.  To add the spooky smoke, carefully drop 2 small piece of dry ice into the glasses before serving.  It is safe to use dry ice in your drinks! The drinks will bubble and smoke for about 5min before the ice melts, the guests can wait until the smoking has stopped to drink their cocktail if they wish.

A delicious non-alcoholic Monster Martini mocktail option:
— 8 TBS Khus Syrup
— 2 TBS lemon juice
— 4 glasses of lemonade
— Crushed ice

Mix the Khus syrup and lemon juice together then add the lemonade and crushed ice. Stir well.  Serve as directed above.

Some other creepy additions you can make to the Monster Martini are a red gel icing rim that will drip like blood or a set of vampire fangs on the edge of the glass! Happy Haunting!


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